Flowcine Tranquilizer


Flowcine Tranquilizer

The Flowcine Tranquilizer is the next-generation of vibration isolators, specifically designed around
the geometry of a electronic gimbal device.

The Flowcine Tranquilizer has been carefully built from ground up to meet the following criterias:

  • Small in size
  • Stabilize lighter gimbals with small amounts of mass
  • Reduce vibrations from lowest possible frequency range and maximise motor torque without
    getting into self oscillation, which is a common problem with wire rope isolators.

All in all, the Tranquilizer is a huge step forward to help you produce the smoothest footage on the planet.

The Flowcine Tranquilizer use custom polymers instead of wire rope. We have a system that lets you to go
from different types of hardness and amount of polymers, that allows for perfect tweaking of your setup
weight, allowing the Tranquilizer to work optimally.

Driving Shot Package MX30/Ronin:

  • Maxima MX30 / Movi Pro
  • BlackArm
  • Tranquilizer